The Clauses For The Use Of HowNet

The applicant is now authorized by the HowNet copyright owner to use HowNet and agrees to strictly abide by the following clauses:
A. The applicant is authorized by the HowNet copyright owner to make non-commercial use of HowNet and promises only to conduct non-profitable scientific research with its help.
B. The whole copyright of HowNet belongs to the origional author.
C. Parts or all of HowNet contents and the related materials are absolutely not concluded or quoted in any commercial products.
D. I shall not use HowNet or its related materials to apply for any development fund.
E. I shall not transmit the total or parts of HowNet to a third party.
F. I will send the improved or complimented parts of HowNet back to its copyright owner so as to jointly promote the development of natural language processing.
G. I shall be held legally responsibile for any infringement of the intellectual property rights of HowNet.

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