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We will presently release HowNet 2008 latest version and
will provide our customers with the newly-updated version.
Please look at the following HowNet Statistics, API List.
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The Contents of HowNet Knowledge System Version 2008:

File Content File Name
HowNet System:
1. HowNet Browser HowNet.exe
2. HowNet API DLL HowNet_Api.dll
3. HowNet Index File HowNet.idx
4. HowNet Help File HowNetHelp.chm
HowNet Data:
1. HowNet Knowledge Database 2008 
( Simplified Chinese and English )
2. HowNet Taxonomy of Events HowNet Taxonomy Event.txt
3. HowNet Taxonomy of Entities HowNet Taxonomy Entity.txt
4. HowNet Taxonomy of Attributes HowNet Taxonomy Attribute.txt
5. HowNet Taxonomy of Attribute Values HowNet Taxonomy AttributeValue.txt
6. HowNet Taxonomy of Secondary Features HowNet Taxonomy SecondaryFeature.txt
7. HowNet Event Role and Feature Table HowNet Taxonomy EventRoleAndFeature.txt
8. HowNet Syntax HowNet Taxonomy Syntax.txt
9. HowNet Proper Nouns HowNet Taxonomy ProperNoun.txt
10. HowNet Symbols HowNet Taxonomy Sign.txt
11. HowNet Converse Table HowNet Taxonomy Converse.txt
12. HowNet Antonym Table HowNet Taxonomy Antonym.txt
13. HowNet Event Relation and Role Shifting HowNet EventRoleShift.txt
14. HowNet Chinese Word List HowNet Chinese Word List.txt
15. HowNet English Word List HowNet English Word List.txt
16. HowNet Concept Definition List HowNet Definitions.txt
HowNet API: ( It can be selected when purchase HowNet 2008 )
1. Library file of HowNet API HowNet_Api.lib
2. Head file of HowNet API HowNet_Api.h
3. Instruction on HowNet API HowNet API Instructions.chm

Volume of HowNet Knowledge Database Version 2008 (Update on 2008-09-15):

1. Semantic
Chinese words 96744
English words 93467
Chinese entries 111470
English entries 117967
DEF count 28925
Record count 188069

2. Syntax

PartOfSpeech narration Chinese English
adj adjective 13443 10953
adv adverb 2207 2738
aux auxiliary 94 70
char character 711 0
classifier classifier 483 0
conj conjunction 103 73
coor co-conjunction 25 12
det definite article 53 102
echo echo 237 88
expr expression 717 902
infs infinitive sign 0 5
noun noun 55303 56968
num numeral 385 354
pp prepositional phrase 0 1262
prefix prefix 8 22
prep preposition 233 238
pron pronoun 141 87
pun punctuation 36 32
stru stru 80 0
suffix suffix 0 7
verb verb 29817 23890

function list

1. bool HowNet_Initial ( void );
     To initialize the data in HowNet.

2. DWORD HowNet_GetUnitNum( void );
     To get the total number of the records in HowNet dictionary.

3. WORD HowNet_Search_Keyword ( char* ApStr , S_SEARCH_MODE sHowNet_SearchMode );
     To search according to the given keyword (search mode group1 in HowNet Browser).

4. WORD HowNet_Search_Relation ( DWORD AdwUnitID , S_SEARCH_MODE sSearchMode );
     To search the relations according to serial number(search mode group2 & 3 in HowNet Browser).

5. char* HowNet_Get_Unit_Item( const DWORD AdwUnitID , const BYTE AItemID , char* ApRlt );
     To get a specific part of a specific record ( such as: serial number of the specific record, Chinese word or expression, POS of Chinese word or expression, example of Chinese word or expression, English word or phrase, POS of English word or phrase, example of English word or phrase, definition of the specific record).

6. int HowNet_Search_Node_In_Tax_Tree( BYTE AnTree , const char *ApKeyword , BYTE* ApLayerPos = NULL );
     Get the depth of the specified sememe in one Taxonomy tree.

7. void HowNet_GetOneNodeContent ( BYTE AnTree , WORD AnNode , BYTE AContentID , char* ApNodeContent );
     Get the sememe's string according to the specified depth in one Taxonomy tree.

8. WORD HowNet_Get_Sememe_Code( const char *ApKeyword );
     To get the code of a sememe in HowNet taxonomies.

9. char* HowNet_Get_Sememe_String( WORD AwSememeCode );
     To get the sememe string by input one sememe code.

10. WORD HowNet_Get_Sememe_Hyp( WORD AwSememeCode );
     To get the hypernym of one sememe.

11. BYTE HowNet_Get_TreeID( WORD AwSememeCode );
     To get the Taxonomy TreeID of one sememe.

12. WORD HowNet_Get_Sememe_Location( WORD AwSememeCode );
     To get the location in the Taxonomy Tree of one sememe.

13. WORD HowNet_Get_Concept_Relevance( DWORD AdwUnitID , BYTE ALanguageID , BYTE ALevelID );
     To obtain the relevant concept field of a specified concept.

14. BYTE HowNet_Get_Smemme_Distance( WORD AwSememeCodeA, WORD AwSememeCodeB );
     To measure the distance between two sememes.

15. double HowNet_Get_Smemme_Similarity( WORD AwSememeCodeA, WORD AwSememeCodeB );
     To measure the similarity between the frames of two sememes.

16. double HowNet_Get_Concept_Similarity( DWORD AdwUnitIDA, DWORD AdwUnitIDB, float AfA = 1.6, float AfB1 = 0.1, float AfB2 = 0.1, float AfB3 = 0.7, float AfB4 = 0.1 );
     To measure the similarity between two concepts.

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