Call for Submissions

A special issue of Computational Linguistic & Chinese Language Processing (CLCLP) invites submission original research papers on the special topic C HowNet and Its Applications. CLCLP is an international academic journal edited by the Association for Computational Linguistic & Chinese Language Processing in Taiwan.

Guest Editor: Prof. Zhendong Dong
Topic of Special Issue: HowNet and Its Applications
Submission Deadline: September 15, 2001
Ways of Submission: Electronic form (RTF or ASCII text) Via E-mail to

Topics of Interest:

1. HowNet as Knowledge or Linguistic Resources

  1. the nature of HowNet
  2. comparison between HowNet and WordNet (or other lexical semantic resources)
  3. Viewpoints and handling on Chinese implied in HowNet, (such as what is word in Chinese; part of speech(POS); criteria for part of speech determination; multi-POS phenomena; relationship between semantics and syntax, etc.)
  4. How HowNet benefits formalization and computing of meanings
  5. Exploration on building special-subject knowledge base using HowNet
  6. Exploration on extension of HowNet to a new language;

2. Applications of HowNet

  1. Semantic tagging based on HowNet (such as lexical semantic tagging; semantic relationship or message structures construction for discourses, etc.)
  2. Disambiguation (structural Disambiguation; Sense Disambiguation; Disambiguation without rules or without training; comparison between using HowNet and using other resources, etc.)
  3. Text analysis (such as comparison between using HowNet and Tree bank)
  4. Information extraction (such as not only using key word or using user-defined scenes)
  5. Information retrieval (cross-language information retrieval; query expansion; query in natural language; information agent, etc.)
  6. Text Categorization
  7. Human language interface
  8. Human language understanding
  9. Machine translation
  10. Text summarization

The topics of interest are not limited to the above-listed.

For the other submission detailed, see the following excerpt of  "Call for Submission" of CLCLP Editorial Board:

"Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing" invites submission of original research papers in the area of computational linguistics in general and Chinese (natural) language processing in particular. Contribution can be written either in English or Chinese. English will be the primary language of this journal for its international readership. A 600-word extended abstract in English is required for all Chinese contributions. Manuscripts submitted must be previously unpublished and not be under consideration elsewhere. Submissions are welcomed in the following three categories:

Papers: Submissions in this category should report significant new research results in computational linguistics or new system implementation involving significant theoretical and/or technological innovation. The accepted papers are divided into the categories of regular papers and short papers. There is no strict length limitation on the regular papers, but it is suggested that manuscripts not exceed 40 double-spaced A4 pages. The short papers are restricted to no more than 20 double-spaced A4 pages.

Survey Papers: Submissions in this category are either invited by the editorial board or voluntary .They should offer a critical overview of either 1) the state of arts of a certain subfield of computational linguistics or Chinese language processing, or 2) of existing systems and/or technologies for a particular natural language application. Page limitation of this category is the same as above.

Project Reports: Submissions in this category should be the reports on 1) the new systems, or 2) the new resources, such as corpora, lexicon, tree-banks etc.

All contributions will be anonymously reviewed by at least two reviewers, with exception of the project reports, which will be reviewed by only one reviewer.

Copyright: It is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission from both author and publisher to reproduce material which has appeared in another publication. Copies of this permission must also be enclosed with the manuscript. It is the policy of the CLCLP society to own the copyright to the technical contributions it publishes, and to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material. A signed copy of the CLCLP copyright form , which transfers copyright from the authors (or their employers, if they hold the copyright) to the CLCLP society, will be required before the manuscript can be accepted for publication.

Style for Manuscripts: The paper should conform to the following instructions.

1. Type script : Manuscript should be typed double-spaced on standard A4 (or letter-size) white paper using size of 11 points or larger.
2. Title and Author : The first page of the manuscript should consist of the title, the authors' names and institutional affiliations, the abstract, and the corresponding author's address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address. The title of the paper should use normal capitalization. Capitalize only the first words and such other words as the orthography of the language requires to begin with a capital letter. The author's name should appear below the title.
3. Abstracts and keywords : An informative abstract of not more than 250 words together with 4 to 6 keywords is required. The abstract should not only indicate the scope of the paper but should also summarize the author's conclusions.
4. Headings : Headings for sections should be numbered in Arabic numerals (i.e. 1.,2....)and start form the left- hand margin. Headings for subsections should be numbered in Arabic numerals (i.e. 1-1,1-2...).
5. Footnotes : The footnote reference number should be kept to a minimum and indicated in the text with superscript numbers. Footnotes may appear at the end of manuscript
6. Equations and Mathematical Formulas : All equations and mathematical formulas should be typewritten or written clearly in ink. Equations should be numbered serially on the right-hand side by Arabic numerals in parentheses.
7. References : In each of the References, please make sure that the following are given

  1. names of all the authors.
  2. title of the paper
  3. full title of the journal
  4. volume number and year of publication
  5. first and last page number.

Example : Dempster, A. P., N. M. Laird and D. B. Rubin, "Maximum Likelihood from Incomplete Data via the EM Algorithm," Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 39 (B) 1977, pp. 1-38.

No page charges are levied on authors or their institutions.