1. Motivation

2. Philosophy of HowNet

3. Characteristic of HowNet

4. Methodology

  4.1. Extraction of Sememe

  4.2. Examination and Confirmation of Sememes

5. Preview to HowNet Knowledge System

  5.1 Database and Documentation of HowNet knowledge system

  5.2 Record Format in HowNet Knowledge Dictionary

  5.2.1 Selection of Words and Phrases and their Concepts

  5.2.2 Examples for Words and Phrases

6. Defining Concepts and the Rules

  6.1 General Rules

  6.2 Rules in Detail

   6.2.1 Rules on Defining Event

   6.2.2 Rules on Defining Attribute-value and Numerical-value

   6.2.3 Rules on Defining Attribute and Numeral

   6.2.4 Rules on Defining Unit

   6.2.5 Rules on Defining "Thing"

7. On the Concept of "Event"

  7.1 Relation between Main Features

  7.2 Necessary Roles

8. On the Concepts of "thing"

9. Conclusion